Our goal is to open up kids’ creativity through the process of making videos.

Your kids will gain experience and an understanding of how movies work.

Through this fun process, they will become empowered creators. 

How it works?

Simple, we make a movie from A to Z!

Storytelling, filming, directing, acting, VFX, audio, clapper, light. ... 


At the end of the workshop,

 Our team will take the time to edit the movie and will make sure to share the process through our socials 


The Movie

While the movie is ready, we will organise a screening premier* with all the participants and their family. 

One More Thing ...
You'll get the chance to participate to locals, nationals and internationals youth Film Festivals and maybe win an award.

That is cool isn't it?

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 I can thoroughly recommend this! Oriana and a friend did it and had an amazing, fun time and learnt a lot too! All the staff are fantastic with kids and very talented!

Janine, Oriana's Mother